[WordPress] How to deactivate Site Stats and other modules in Jetpack plugin

When you install the Jetpack plugin, it enables several modules by default without notifying you. If your WordPress website is hosted on a VPS or a dedicated machine, you might not even notice any change in the load time of the web pages. But if you are on shared hosting, you will find that webpages became sluggish, and you will start wondering what’s going on.

When I installed the Jetpack plugin, I found “Site stats” in the Dashboard of the Jetpack. So, I decided to test my web pages on webpagetest.org to see which all JS/CSS files it is trying to download. There were 3-5 JS and other files specific to Jetpack, to my surprise. I decided to disable all unwanted Jetpack modules on my website. I looked in the Dashboard, Settings, but there was no link/button to disable a Jetpack module. After clicking almost all the Dashboard links, I finally found that all modules hide behind “Debug.” It seems that Jetpack is trying to hide them from users so that they can run some of their modules on the website without notifying users.

Anyway, here are the steps you should follow if you want to disable Jetpack modules such as “Site stats”:

  • From the WP admin page, go to Jetpack -> Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Dashboard and click on the “Debug” link.
disable Jetpack  module 1
  • On the “Debugging center” page, click on the “Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site” link.
disable Jetpack  module 2
  • You will see the list of Jetpack modules. You can activate or deactivate Jetpack modules by clicking on the Activate/Deactivate link.
disable Jetpack  module 3

You can see that all modules but “Beautiful Math” are disabled in the above image.

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