[Fix] WordPress database error: wpmailsmtp_tasks_meta doesn’t exist

Today, while checking the error.log file of my domain, I found many lines for an error “wpmailsmtp_tasks_meta doesn’t exist” in the file. I had the free version of the WordPress plugin ‘WP Mail SMTP‘, which I deleted after moving my website to a new domain. I had also deleted two related tables, wpmailsmtp_debug_events and wpmailsmtp_tasks_meta. After migrating to the new domain, I reinstalled the plugin, and I thought these tables would also be reinstalled. But I was wrong. It did not install those two tables. So, whenever the plugin was used to send or receive an email, it wrote the error message to the error.log file.

I will show you how to fix the error “wpmailsmtp_tasks_meta doesn’t exist” in this post. It’s straightforward. Here are a couple of steps that you need to follow to fix the error:

  • Log into your WordPress installation as admin and click on the settings of the plugin ‘WP Mail SMTP’.
  • On the settings page, click on the ‘Misc’ link.
  • Check the ‘Uninstall WP Mail SMTP’ option on the’ Misc’ page and save.
wpmailsmtp_tasks_meta doesn't exist
  • Now uninstall the plugin ‘WP Mail SMTP’ so that all related data will also be deleted.
  • Reinstall the plugin ‘WP Mail SMTP’ and set it to send/receive emails.
  • Both the tables will be automatically installed, and the error will disappear.

Please let me know whether the above steps worked for you.

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