[Tips] How to find correct answers to Microsoft “Bing Supersonic Quiz” questions

Every Tuesday, Microsoft posts “Supersonic Quiz” for Bing users. In this quiz, they ask three questions. Each question comes with five correct answers and 2-3 incorrect answers. “Supersonic Quiz” is one of those Bing Quizzes where you do not lose any point for wrong answers. Microsoft’s only goal is to get users’ clicks for some predefined search queries via this quiz. They don’t care whether answers are wrong or right. You lose points only in “Lightspeed Quiz” and “This or That” Quiz. Although you don’t lose any point in “Supersonic Quiz” by clicking the wrong answer, you can find all the correct answers in the page’s source code.

I will show you how to find all the correct answers to “Supersonic Quiz” in this post. Thus, you do not have to click on wrong answers. This tip is only for the “Bing Supersonic Quiz”.

Here are the steps:

  • Open your “Bing Supersonic Quiz” question in any browser and then Right-click. 
  • From the pop-up window, select “View page source.” It will open the source code of the quiz page in another tab.
Answer to Bing Supersonic Quiz 1
  • Go to the source code tab that just opened and search (ctrl+F) for the term “isCorrectOption“, and you will find that the correct answer is sitting there in the source code. The options with “isCorrectOption=True” are the correct answers and the options with “isCorrectOption=False” are the wrong answers. Hurray!!! you got all 5 correct answers. No need to click on wrong answers.
Answer to Bing Supersonic Quiz 2
  • After finding the answers, make sure you close the source code tab. Otherwise, when you open the source code for the next question, your tab will not refresh the source code, and you will not find the correct answers for the next question.
  • Repeat the above steps for all questions, and you will not lose any points. If you find options for the previous question in the source code, keep clicking the next (down arrow) until you see the options for the current question.

That’s it. Microsoft has kept the quiz simple for its Bing users.

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