[Tips] How to find correct answers to Microsoft “Bing Lightspeed Quiz” questions

Every Wednesday, the Bing Quiz that appears on your Bing homepage is known as “Lightspeed Quiz“. They ask four questions in this quiz, each carrying 10 points. Like the “This or That” quiz, you lose points if you click on the wrong answer in the “Lightspeed Quiz”. So, to score 40/40, you need to answer all four questions correctly. As we all know, Microsoft does not test users’ knowledge; their only motto is to get clicks for some prespecified search queries. So, Microsoft provides answers too. You need to look into the source code of the quiz page to find those answers.

I will show you how to find the correct answer to a “Lightspeed Quiz” question in this post. Thus, you will never make mistakes and always get 40/40 in this quiz. This tip is only for the “Bing Lightspeed Quiz”.

Here are the steps:

  • Open your “Bing Lightspeed Quiz” question in any browser and then Right-click. 
  • From the pop-up window, select “View page source.” It will open the source code of the quiz page in another tab.
  • E.g.
How to find answer to Bing Lightspeed quiz question 1
  • Go to the source code tab that just opened and search (ctrl+F) for the term “correctAnswer “. There will be multiple instances of the term “correctAnswer” on the page. You need to keep clicking the next (down arrow) until you see “correctAnswer” with one of the options given in the current question.
  • E.g.
How to find answer to Bing Lightspeed quiz question 2
  • Now go back to the question tab and click on the answer you found in the previous step. Hurray!!! Your answer is correct, and you earned 10 points.
  • After finding the answer to the current question, make sure you close the source code tab. Otherwise, when you open the source code for the next question, your tab will not refresh the source code, and you will not find the correct answer for the next question.
  • Repeat the above steps for all questions, and you will not lose any points.

That’s it. Microsoft has kept the quiz simple for its Bing users.

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