[Tips] How to find correct answers to Microsoft “Bing Homepage Quiz” questions

Microsoft posts daily quizzes for its users in the USA and other few countries. Those quizzes are called “Bing Homepage Quiz,” “Lightspeed Quiz,” “Supersonic Quiz,” “Bing News Quiz,” and “This or That” quiz. If you are a resident of those countries, you can earn rewards, such as Amazon coupons, Walmart coupons, etc., by participating in those quizzes. As you might be aware, the market share of Bing search is ~3%, and the top terms searched on Bing are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, and Amazon. These keywords cannot help Bing improve. So, Microsoft formats some search queries as quizzes every day and rewards users for clicking on the answers to those quizzes.

Those quiz questions are not always easy for everyone. You cannot answer them without searching for them on the internet. Microsoft does not test your knowledge; it aims to get clicks from you. So, they also provide answers in those quizzes.

I will share a simple tip to help you find the correct answers to the “Bing Homepage Quiz” questions in this post. You will never make a mistake and will always get full points. This tip is only for the “Bing Homepage Quiz.” I will share tips for other quiz types once I get them.

Here are the steps:

  • Open your “Bing Homepage Quiz” question in any browser and then Right-click.
  • From the pop-up window, select “View page source.” It will open the source code of the quiz page in another tab.
Bing Homepage Quiz answer 1
  • Go to the source code tab that just opened and search (ctrl+F) for the term “got this right“, and you will find that the correct answer is sitting there in the source code. Keep clicking on the down arrow until you get the correct answer. In the following image, you can see I got the correct answer “Beagle”. Hurray!!!
Bing Homepage Quiz answer 2
  • After finding the answer, make sure you close the source code tab. Otherwise, when you open the source code for the next question, your tab will not refresh the source code, and you will not find the correct answer for the next question.
  • Repeat the above steps for all questions, and you will not lose any points.

Here is proof that the above tips gave me all the correct answers.

Question 2

Bing Homepage Quiz answer 3

Question 3

Bing Homepage Quiz answer 4

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