Create Backup File in VestaCP or MyVestaCP or Hestiacp

MyVestaCP and HestiaCP (Hestia Control Panel) are a fork of VestaCP with some additional features, e.g. inclusion of PHP-FPM. These are free web hosting control panels that one can use to manage personal servers or VPS with ease. These are very lightweight panels, so you do need a high-end server to install them; even low-cost VPS are sufficient to run these panels.

By default, these panels create a backup file per user daily through a cronjob and save it under /backup/ folder. If you want to create a backup file without running a cronjob, it’s a very simple process with these panels. In this post, I am going to show you how to create a backup file in VestaCP. The same process is applicable for MyVestaCP and HestiaCP.

  • To create a backup, log into your VestaCP control panel.
  • Click on the BACKUP section given on the main menu. It will show you a ‘+’ sign. Hover your mouse on the ‘+’ sign, it will show “CREATE BACKUP” button. Click on the “CREATE BACKUP” button as shown in the below screenshot.
VestaCP create backup file
  • Once you click the “CREATE BACKUP” button, it will say, “Task has been added to the queue. You will receive an email notification when your backup is ready for download.
  • Your backup should be ready in a few minutes to download. Backup generation time will depend on your server power and size of the file.
  • Once the backup file is ready, it will be shown on the same page itself (under the backup tab section). Hover your mouse and click on the “Download” button to download your backup file.
VestaCP create backup file 2

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